OTA firmware update for ESP8266

ESP8266 is the Wifi module with cheap price, ~ 2.5 buck, cheaper than all Zigbee-enable-SoCs which target low cost, low energy. This attracts me, since this enable the ability of “dust” network for IoT.
The SDK environment provided by Esspressif is not easy to use, it event does not work for the first time with example provided. OTA update is featured in its lib, but you have to contact the support team, asking for document, and try to understand the concepts.

I want a dev environment where I can reuse module/apps without copy into new workspaces, makefile should be flexible enough to choose what feature to use, e.g. APPS += mqtt to enable mqtt, APPS += spiffs to use flash file system, peripheral should be included by default; and the most importantly, over the air update should be simple enough by provided APPS+= fota.

The firmware project is opened at https://github.com/nqd/esp8266-dev.

The server side, which provides firmware storage, and metadata for version can be found at https://github.com/ubisen/ota-update, thanks to great job of my colleague at Ubisen. The server powered by Node.js and MongoDB, good enough to run in public domain.

Happy coding.

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