debug custom cc3200 board with launchpad

Kudos for TI that they are supporting GCC and FreeRTOS as first citizens in their Internet on Chip cc3200. TI provides the linker, startup code which run out of box. I can also manage to run GDB on the launchpad also.

Last days I get a couple of custom cc3200 boards. The board has 4 pins for JTAG. My first attempt is to use the JTAG debugging of the launchpad, since I don’t want to go through flashing step. With make debug, the program is loaded to RAM, and execute from here; and debugging with GDB is so valuable compare to, say, printf.

The hardware connection is deadly easy. Launchpad give 4 JTAG pin rough jumper J6-J9, in the power side; connect them direct to MCU JTAG pin. Done.

This is the test, running freertos-demo example.


Pic: Connect a custom board to Launchpad with serial and jtag.

30 buck for the launchpad, with JTAG, a dev board, is a good spending isn’t it.

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